The Process
Not your average jewellers...
A Family Business
Reuben Diamonds was founded by Anthony Reuben Dellow & his son Francis Reuben Dellow in 2009. Anthony is a Master Jeweller who has been in the jewellery trade for nearly half a century.  Working closely together over the last 15 years they have created a brand that showcases their families trade heritage, allowing them to build on their close working relationship. Anthony spends his time in the workshop crafting jewellery whilst Francis focuses on the gems supply chain, client consultation and experience, using the knowledge he's built from working with his father and other established trade professionals. Between them, they have over 60 years of combined experience in the jewellery trade.
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The Reuben Diamonds Experience
Priding ourselves on creating a personalised VIP experience, we will be there to guide and assist you during every part of the journey in creating your individual and distinctive piece of jewellery. After many years in the jewellery trade, we have the experience to source the finest quality gems and create bespoke designs for our clients.
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With Reuben, no item is created twice.
Each piece is made unique for you, whether your heart is set on an Asscher cut trilogy ring or a Radiant cut halo pendant, our highly skilled jewellers will help find the perfect piece of jewellery to last for generations. One of a kind Bespoke service.
The Difference
Why Reuben Diamonds Are An Experience Like No Other
Stones purchased on table, depth, facet %
Personal stone selection prior to creation of piece
Reuben Diamonds
Retail Store
Lifetime service
Much more than the '4 C's'
Education during buying process
Personal service with a sole direct contact
Only GIA certified diamonds
We are equally committed to sourcing our collection stones from reputable diamond manufacturers adhering to safe environment, conflict free and child labour principles. As efforts are required to make the beauty of a loving relationship last for a lifetime, we take equal efforts in supplying the top makes in our diamonds sold, to reflect the same commitment of your relationship built on trust and love.
Exceptional British Design
All Reuben Diamonds jewellery is designed in Britain and made by master craftsmen who combine unparalleled technical precision with creative flair.
Your Creation Starts With A Loose Diamond

Each creation is made to order, the stones are handpicked and then handmade in our studio.




Buying only the top makes ensures the jewellery sold retains its wow factor for a lifetime. Besides the 4 C’s (colour, clarity, cut, and carat) generally advertised, we take equal importance in sourcing quality diamonds by depth %, table %, and facet %, the all important ratio and girdle crispness ensuring that all our diamonds sourced from worldwide manufacturing centres are the top makes with the maximum brilliance and beauty.

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